This study investigates the relationship between transformational leadership and work
motivation in modern organizations. Critical attention is given to transformational leaders’ competencies needed to motivate individuals/teams effectively and improve employee performance. Some implications of the study are discussed including the need for supervisors
to acquire and use emotional intelligence competencies and empowerment tools in order to
enhance their own transformational leadership and develop motivational strategies. Moreover, organizational culture and design can affect skilled employee motivation levels in several ways such as job rotation ,participation, employment security, performance appraisal, compensation systems, training and task allocation.
Keywords: Transformational Leadership, Work Motivation, Modern organizations.

The role of leadership in management is largely determined by the organisational culture of the company. Managers' beliefs, values and assumptions are of critical importance to the overall style of leadership that they adopt. There are several different leadership styles that can be identified within organizational context. Each style has its own set of good and not-so-good characteristics, and
each uses leadership in a different way11,18. Perhaps the most difficult aspect of being a work
team leader is motivation of team members. Work teams may be more successful in achieving organizational goals if their members are empowerment to do their jobs21. Conversely, if their authority and responsibility are restricted, team members may well reduce their levels of commitment. They might continue to perform satisfactorily but with little enthusiasm for improving quality and
productivity33. Informal meetings between individuals on regular basis empower joint decision-making and participative management. Moreover, the existence of accurate job description on individual / team basis is associated positively with effective task allocation and the absence of role conflict26. Under these conditions it is more likely to assign jobs to employees, so as to minimize costs and to ensure that the allocation respects the employees’ abilities and fosters job satisfaction.
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