(The Correlation between Self-Acceptance on Secondary Sexual Development and Self-Concept among the Female Adolescent Students at SMPN 10 Yogyakarta)

Rina Oktaviana
Fakultas Psikologi Universitas Bina Darma Palembang

Physical and sexual development of a female adolescent are influenced by many factors. On of them is the change of body appearance as the result of the female adolescent’s secondary sexual development that is perceived unlike with the cultural standard. The female adolescent’s discomfort with her own body development will be greater a long with her awareness of her own selfappearance.
This study aimed to find out the correlation between selfacceptance on secondary sexual development and self-concept among female students of SMPN (Public Junior High School) 10, Yogyakarta. The subject were of this study were 99 students with the age of 14 – 15 years. The data were collected using two scales: (1) Self-acceptance on Secondary Sexual Development Scale, and (2) Self-Concept Scale. The item validity assessed using Pearson’s Product Moment Correlation, meanwhile the reliability using Hoyt’s ANOVA technique. The data were analyzed by means of Pearson’s Product Moment Correlation. Data analysis showed that rxy = 0.518; p < 0,01. Therefore, there are positif and significant correlation between self-acceptance on secondary sexual development and self-concept among the female
adolosent students at SMPN 10 Yogyakarta.
Keywords: self-acceptance, secondary sexual development, self-concept.

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