Nowadays, organization performance appraisal is not only focused on financial indicators but also on human capital indicators. Therefore, issues on employee engagement become important to conceptualize and determine the role of human capital toward organizational performance. Employee engagement is a complex construct and related to others behavior constructs. For this reason, this construct should be explained the difference with other behavior constructs, such as organizational commitment and job involvement. Generally, there are three drivers of employee engagement; the organization, management and leadership, and working life. Meanwhile, employee engagement affects the growth of organizational productivity (organizational level), job satisfaction, organizational commitment and reduced employee turnover intention (individual level). The positive affects of employee
engagement insisted the managerial leader to gives particular attention in creating and managing employee engagement in the organization. This article is a literature study which tries to explain deeply the concept of employee engagement and its role to improve organizational performance.
Keywords: human capital, employee engagement, organization performance, organizational commitment, job involvement

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